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Not too many people are comfortable with ants crawling throughout their kitchen. It’s especially disturbing to see them crawling in your dishwasher, food cabinets, and utensils drawers. And we know that the carpenter ant is much more than a nuisance. They may be destroying your home to make their own. Who wants to see a mouse run across the floor when you have dinner guests? One of the newest and worse fears is having bed bugs feeding on your children or you while you sleep.

Innovative Pest Management has the expertise and ability to protect your home from these and several other pests. You can feel comfortable that IPM will make every effort to make the process as convenient for you and your family as possible, and you can be assured that we'll choose what we believe to be the “least-toxic” option. Let us show you the difference a locally owned company makes. We Care!  We offer homeowners in the Rochester, NY area the comfort and security of knowing that they have hired locally owned pest control experts that have a very vested interest because we live in this community.

Our Environments are changing

More and more homes are being built in suburban areas. This means that many areas are being bulldozed to clear lots to build homes. Every time this happens, insects and rodents are being displaced from what had been their natural habitat. Then you put a brand new structure in their space that takes months to build. During the building process, the property is exposed to exploration by insects and rodents. Some areas are very wooded because that is the appeal of the property to you. After you move in decks are built, mulch beds are put in, decorative landscaping and thick bushes are installed. Insects and rodents are happy too, because now they have new places to live. Welcome home! And lately we have truly had concerns about enjoying our environment because of the increased threat of the Zika virus that is spread by mosquitoes. The number of confirmed cases in the US and New York State are growing every day. Innovative Pest Management, Corp has a comprehensive mosquito control process to help minimize your risks and still enjoy your property. No, need to wait, get your free evaluation today!

Seasonal Pest Control

After many years in the Rochester, NY pest control industry, Sales and Service Manager Kennedy Brayboy realized that it was in the best interest of his customers to offer a seasonal pest control to minimize annoyance and anxiety by pests that you had no desire to share your home with. Innovative Pest Management’s seasonal pest control program is designed with effectiveness and convenience in mind for you and your family. We inspect and treat the exterior of your home three times a year----- Spring, Summer, and Fall. This so that we can stop pests before they enter your home. The treatments are timed to target specific pests when they are most active. We use our expertise to treat the critical areas where pests nest, or harbor, and if there are openings that could allow rodents or snakes access, we protect you there too by sealing the openings to deny access. The great thing about our seasonal pest control program is that no appointments are needed for the 3 regular services so you don’t have to interrupt your normal busy routine to be home to meet us. Another advantage of our seasonal pest control program is that it can offer you substantial savings and a warranty that will give you solutions that give peace of mind! For our customers that take advantage of our seasonal pest control program and maintain all three services, Innovative Pest Management will give you what we believe to be the strongest warranty in the area. If a pest comes back that we have you covered for, we will do whatever is necessary, inside or outside “year round” with no additional charges to you. Your satisfaction, comfort, and convenience are our main concerns. Innovative Pest Management has such confidence in our seasonal pest control program that we offer this money back guarantee: If we are not successful in correcting your problem in a reasonable amount of time, we will refund the fee that you paid for the last regular service. 

The seasonal pest control program begins with an initial service for a specific pest problem which comes with a 90-day warranty. Even if you call us for a single service, you are still eligible to join our seasonal pest control program within 120 days without incurring an initial service charge again. A seasonal pest control program is more cost effective than calling for individual treatments as needed. We will bill you each time we treat your home, once in the spring, summer, and fall. Also, we offer the opportunity to save 5% if you choose to prepay in the spring.  In addition, if you already have a pest control contract with another pest control company, you can join our program without having to pay another initial service fee.

Obviously, some pest problems cannot be anticipated. Our program does not cover certain pests: These pests include termites, nuisance wildlife (squirrels, skunks, bats, raccoons, birds, chipmunks, snakes, etc.), flies, fleas, clothes moths, gnats, mosquitoes, clover mites, carpet beetles, lady bugs, boxelder bugs, pantry pests, and bed bugs, unless you have our bed bug insurance. Innovative Pest Management will provide services for these pests on an as needed basis at a discounted rate from our regular single service prices.

Single Services

If you are unsure of the benefits of a seasonal pest control program, Innovative Pest Management can be counted on to provide you with a single service program to meet your needs. Our single service programs are available for most crawling, flying, and stinging insects. Most of our single treatment residential pest control programs come with a 90-day warranty. If we don’t eradicate the problem within the time that we specify, we will return promptly to eliminate the problem at no additional charge. Whether seasonal pest control or a single service, we believe Innovative Pest Management is your best choice to protect your home from pest invaders.  Start protecting your home today!

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Hotel Pest Control

Hotel pest control is one of the major factors as to whether your hotel/motel gets good reviews or horrible online reviews. As more and more consumers rely on online reviews to determine where they spend their hard earned money, too many bad reviews could prove to be disastrous. Innovative Pest Management's commercial hotel pest control team works with hotels and motels throughout the Greater Rochester Metro Area delivering discreet solutions that are effective. Our quick response time and preventative approaches keep pests under control, including bed bugs.

There are several factors that create a positive experience for guests at hotels and motels. Some of the factors are friendliness and availability of staff, toiletries, breakfast options, laundry facilities, the comfort of rooms, and cleanliness of rooms. The thing that is too often overlooked is hotel pest control. With the economy still in recovery mode and the intense tax pressures that small businesses face in New York State, everyone is still trying to save a dollar, so hotel pest control is often put on the back burner. Our Sales and Service Manager, Kennedy Brayboy, has even seen examples where hotel and motel owners have tried to handle the pest problems themselves or instruct their staff to handle them. This, by the way, is something that the NYSDEC frowns upon. Many of the DIY products that are used in hotel pest control, without educated use, can often make the problem more difficult to control and cost the hotel or motel owner more than if he had called in professional help from the beginning. Innovative Pest Management, Corp works with owners and general managers to help them identify problems before they become so prevalent that guests notice them. We will provide seminars for staff to help to educate them as to how to inspect for pests and communicate their observations promptly. Get started today with effective hotel pest control as Innovative Pest Control, Corp as your partner.

Restaurant Pest Control

Restaurant pest control is truly one of the places that Integrated Pest Management is put to the test. Restaurants face attack from several pests such as rats, mice, ants, roaches, and flies. The only way that restaurant pest control works in a restaurant is to have a partnership between innovative Pest Management and the owner and his staff.

Innovative Pest Management always strives to employ Integrated Pest Management techniques in its restaurant pest control. That means we put an emphasis on exclusion, prevention, education, and sanitation. This is where the partnership becomes so important because the owner and staff must do what is recommended. Sales and Service Manager, Kennedy Brayboy, has many stories to recount about how many restaurants wanted "magic Bullet" pest control, where they hired a pest control company and felt that their only responsibility was to pay the bill.

Don't get caught in that trap! Let Innovative Pest Management help you get to the root of your restaurant pest control problems. Let’s get started now!

Schools, Universities, and Daycare Pest Control

Schools, Universities and Daycares pest control must adhere to State Education Law (Section 409-H). For a summary of this law, click here. School pest control programs must focus on prevention and commitment to a healthy environment. Innovative Pest Management, Corp's Sales and Service Manager, Kennedy Brayboy has over 20 years of experience working in the school environment and providing school pest control. Our school pest control program is designed to integrate several aspects of Integrated Pest Management techniques such as monitoring, sanitation and exclusion, education, communication, and pesticides. When pesticides are used, most of the pesticides that are used are on the federal list of “exempt" pesticides.

We provide comprehensive reports at every service, where our school pest control technicians observe situations which are conducive to pest infestations, even if the infestations do not currently exist, along with explanations of any actions that can be taken. Get started today! Partner with Innovative Pest Management, Corp to develop a true Integrated Pest Management program for your school pest control solution.

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Seasonal Pest Control and Family

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