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Pest Proofing

Pest Control ServicePest proofing is a process that Sales and Service Manager, Kennedy Brayboy developed in the late 1990’s. Pest proofing is absolutely the longest lasting form of structural pest control available on the market today and also the least chemically obtrusive. We make this statement with ultimate confidence because pest proofing does not rely on pesticide efficacy, which will be only a few months, maximum.  Pest proofing, instead of relying on pesticides, employs a “common sense” approach. Our Sales and Service Manager, Kennedy Brayboy, has a favorite quotation: “If they can’t get in, they can’t be a problem.”  Traditional pest control relies on pesticides to establish barriers that pests cannot pass and survive crossing if the application is made properly. They may still end in up in your house but at least they won’t flourish. Innovative Pest Management’s pest proofing programs do not rely on temporary solutions but instead rely on permanent solutions. Our permanent solutions use physical barriers to keep pests out of a home or structure. Examples of physical barriers include caulk, expanding foam, wire mesh, and concrete to keep pests from gaining access to your home or structure. Once again, “if it can’t get in, it can’t be a problem.”

We offer two levels of pest proofing:

Basic Pest Proofing:  With basic pest proofing, we guarantee that for 2 years you will have no crawling insects or rodents.

Deluxe Pest Proofing:  With our deluxe pest proofing programs, we guarantee for 2 years that you will not have any crawling insects, rodents or flying insects!

No one in the region is willing to offer such a comprehensive guarantee. If you get a pest, we will treat it for free!

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Our Low Prep Bed Bug Treatments

Bed BugBed bugs used to be only in our nursery rhymes for most of us alive today. You remember “good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”. Until recent years, many of us thought it was a myth because we had never seen a bed bug or knew anyone that had been bitten by one. Unfortunately, now too many of you know what they look like.

Bed bugs had been largely eliminated from the United State by the middle of the last century because of the widespread use of pesticides. Since then, many of those products have been named from the market such as DDT and chlordane, because even though they were deadly to the insects, there were undesirable effects to other organisms, including people. Bed bugs started garnering attention in the United States again in the early to mid-90’s. Some of the factors that have contributed are the amount of increased international travel that the people of the world are engaging in. Secondly, the pest control industry has changed with the support of manufacturers, We used to be an industry that believed in “spraying” everywhere we could, rather than an industry that is more “insect-specific” and our treatments are much more targeted in placement and pests to be controlled.

Innovative Pest Management can control your bed bug problem, in the most effective and convenient way to you and your family, with our low to no prep bed bug control program. Innovative Pest Management is one of only 20% of the pest control companies nationwide that offers low to no prep bed bug control services. These statistics are taken from conversations at the National Pest Management Association Eastern Region meeting in Jan 2016. Conversely, 80% of the pest control companies that you call are going to do certain things to prep for your bed bug treatment. Some of these include: removing all clothes from dresser drawers and at a minimum run them through a hot dryer cycle, any items stored on floors, boxes, and bins should be empty, remove items from nightstands, entertainment centers, etc., all furniture should be free of items so that chairs and tables can be maneuvered to be treated, and closets should be emptied and accessible. That’s almost like having to move out of your home and having to move back in again. Most of you are much too busy to have your lives disrupted and having to move back in again. You are already stressed enough by having bed bugs and the additional prep work only adds to your stress level. Our low to no prep bed bug control comes with our guarantee that we will come back every 2 weeks until there are no bugs and no bites. Then, we’ll give you a 4-month warranty after that. You can still protect yourself with our bed bug insurance program.

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Bed Bug Insurance

Do you travel a lot? Do you worry about bringing bed bugs home? Even if you don’t travel a lot, bed bugs have managed to make themselves prevalent in our everyday environment. We can encounter them anywhere that we go about our normal day-to-day activities. Bed bugs have been found in office buildings, tourist attractions, hotels, schools, hospitals, and modes of travel such as airplanes, buses, trains, subways, ships, and taxis. In other words, bed bugs do not discriminate and are anywhere a blood meal might be present (you). That is why Innovative Pest Management, Corp. decided to offer a bed bug insurance program. We believe that with the proper education, and preventative measures, we can guarantee that you will never have a major bed bug infestation. Here is how it works:

  1. Innovative Pest Management, Corp will come and inspect your home and make recommendations to make your home bed bug proof.
  2. Once the initial recommendations are followed that Innovative Pest Management, Corp provides, we will treat any bed bug infestations for free.
  3. Yearly renewal premiums will allow you to maintain the warranty for as long as you own the home.

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Seasonal Pest Control

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